Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20-30 minutes with a good book
- Word Study:  Menu Item (choice)
- Finish Rounding Practice (Round and Round and Round)

Tonight's math homework builds off of what we did in class today.  In class, students partnered up and selected something from the classroom that they could count (it had to be a biiig number).  It might have been the number of ceiling tiles in the room (166), the number of books on a bookshelf (293), the number of pencils in our room (317) or the number of individual letters found on our class roster (420).

First, students ESTIMATED their number.  They rounded this estimate to the nearest 1,000, 100, and 10.  Next, they got to count up and find the EXACT number.  They rounded this exact number to the nearest 1,000, 100, and 10.  It was interesting to see reactions related to how close their estimates were to the actual number!

Here's an example problem from tonight's Math homework:

The exact #          Round to 1,000s          Round to 100s          Round to 10s
4,298                    4,000                           4,300                        4,300

I'd love to see some of the strategies we've been working on in class show up at home.  Things like underlining the digit you're rounding to, writing down the "friendly numbers" that are on either side, etc.

Please note that we will have a short Rounding Quiz on Friday, October 22nd.

Thanks for reading & good luck tonight!

- Mr. B

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