Monday, October 4, 2010

Homework + Leaf T-Shirts

Hello again!

Today we decorated and (almost) bleached our Fall Leaf T-Shirts.  Many thanks to the parents who showed up to help make things work!  Unfortunately for everyone, I messed up and brought in "chlorine-free" bleach which does not do the trick!  Lesson learned, and with our newfound experience we'll finish up the T-Shirt project later this week.  There were some very cool designs and I'm excited to see what the finished product will look like!

Tonight's homework:

- Read 20-30 minutes with a good book
- Word Study:  cut out your words, sort them at home & copy your sort down in your WS journal
- Math:  complete the "greater than/less than" exit slip (3.3a & 3.3b)

Thanks for reading!

- Mr. B

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