Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20-30 min.
- Word Study:  Menu Item
- Science:  Make 2 Food Chains
     *Blue paper should have an Aquatic (Water) Food Chain
     *Green paper should have a Terrestrial (Land) Food Chain
- NO MATH HOMEWORK:  There will be a quiz on Friday on place value (up to hundred thousands) and comparing numbers (>, <, =).

With the Food Chain homework:
Be creative!  Use color!  We've discussed and created lots and lots of food chains in class.  It's time to make one on your own.  Remember that the sun is the source of all food chains on earth, followed by a producer, and so on.

For a model (notice the arrows showing the direction of the energy) and more food chain practice, you can go here:  Food Chain Game

Have a great night!

- Mr. B

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