Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Science Experiments

This year, the third grade teachers wanted to start the year exploring the scientific method.  Each teacher is introducing vocabulary, conducting demonstrations and experiments, modeling the scientific thinking process and asking the students to record their work (questions, hypotheses, procedures, observations and conclusions).  So far the students have been up to the task!

Lava Experiment - See this link for details.

We currently have three experiments going in Room 303.

1) The Mold Experiment - Which food (cheese, strawberry, bread or grape) will mold the fastest in dark, moist conditions?

2) The Eggsperiment - (Part I) What will happen to raw eggs if they are left in cups of vinegar? 
(Part II) What will happen to the same eggs if they are moved into cups of water and corn syrup?

3) The Lava Experiment - Borrowed from, see the link in the caption above!

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