Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to School Night!

Greetings Parents!

Welcome to Room 303.  This is where your child spends most of their time when at school each day.  Please feel free to get up & look around the room.  There is a letter addressed to you at your student's desk.  If you feel up to the task, take a minute and respond to it (on the front or back)!

We will start once everyone has had a chance to arrive and find the room.

Thank you very much for coming!


Mr. Balnave

P.S. - Tonight's homework is on the board:

- Read 20-30 minutes with a good book
- "Wavy Water World" worksheet (Social Studies Maps/Globes/Grids) front & back
- (optional) Bring in a map (sticker reward)

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