Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20-30 minutes
- Choose a menu item for Word Study & write it down in your journal
Choices (can be found glued inside the front cover):
* Draw & Label: Draw pictures for 8-10 words. Label each picture.
* Riddles: Make up riddles for 5 words. Each riddle should have 3 clues.
* Same/Opposite: Choose 8-10 words and write a synonym/antonym for each.
* Word Hunt: Find 8-10 new words that would fit your sort this week.
* Dictionary Work: Look up 8-10 words. Write a clear definition for each.
* Writing Fun: Make up a story/poem/song using as many of your words as you can.
- Finish Math Worksheet(s)
* Finish classwork
* Complete "Race to the Top"

This is a significant step up in the amount of homework we have. Please plan accordingly!

Have fun!

- Mr. B

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