Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marshmallow Challenge!

Today we tried out an engineering project during our Extended Learning Time (ELT).

The Marshmallow Challenge goes like this:
- teams of 3 students
- each team receives 20 spaghetti strings (uncooked), one yard of string, one yard of masking tape and a single marshmallow
- teams have 18 minutes to create the tallest free-standing structure
- the height of the structure will be measured from the base to the top of the marshmallow

Our class did a GREAT job of coming up with unique designs and working together to try and accomplish them. We were a little rushed, and only a few structures stood the test of time (18:00), however, for a first try I was very impressed. Students were under "pressure" to work together and solve a complicated problem - it's called the Marshmallow Challenge for a reason! Stay tuned for news on our second attempt...

(special thanks to Mrs. Livermon for the idea & all of her help!)

Tonight's homework is to:

- Read 20-30 minutes
- Finish the "Count Them Up!" worksheet (front and back)

The front has riddles that test your number sense.
The back has math tricks you can use to wow your friends!

Thanks for reading.

- Mr. B

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