Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homework + Field Trips!

Tonight's homework:

- Read for 20 minutes (or more!) with a good book
- NO READING LOG (short week)
- Math:  Multiplication Packet (related facts)
- Social Studies:  Mali Quiz Friday (read over study guide)

- Return Field Trip permission forms as soon as possible.*
     *Parents, information about two upcoming field trips went home today!  We will be visiting the University of Virginia (Art Museum, Rotunda, Amphitheater, etc.) before spring break (March 20th, rain date of March 27th).  We will also be visiting Monticello after spring break (May 30th).  We are looking for interested volunteers for both trips, however, space is limited due to group-size restrictions.  Please let me know if your child has permission to attend, and, if you are interested in coming along!

Have fun!

- Mr. B

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