Monday, December 5, 2011


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20 minutes (or more!)
- Reading log (due Fri.)
- Math packet (due Fri.)

Just a note about what we're currently studying in each subject:

Language Arts:  We're working on reading for understanding, putting stories back together in the correct sequence and studying verbs (action words) and their tenses (past, present, future).  We will also be starting individual word study sorts this week in our word study journals.

Writing:  Students are working in pairs, researching and taking notes about a specific animal of their own choosing.  We will be organizing these notes into categories to help structure our writing for the final product, a non-fiction animal book!

Social Studies:  We read the book Weslandia, by Paul Fleischman, today.  This book tells the story of a young boy who decides to create his own civilization for a summer project.  He becomes very involved and creates his own food, clothing, shelter, games, hobbies, products and language - all from a single "staple crop" (useful plant).  In class this week, we will be creating our own civilizations, much like Wesley (the main character of Weslandia) does.

Math:  Our unit on money was introduced today.  Today we shared knowledge about money, identified coins and bills and learned how to write the value of each (e.g., "a half dollar can be written as $0.50 OR 50 cents").  We also practiced adding coins and bills together (making sure to line up the decimal).  Eventually we will be comparing the value of coins and bills in different combinations, subtracting (making change) and figuring out all of the different ways to make a given amount (e.g., "how many different ways can you make 25 cents?").

...more to come!

Have a great day!

- Mr. B

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