Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20 minutes with a good book!
- Reading Log (Due Friday)
- Math Packet (Due Friday)
- Science Review (Due Friday)*
     *We will be having a Food Chains and Adaptations Test in Science on Friday, November 14th.  There is a lot of vocabulary for this unit (see below) and we have been working hard to use and understand these words each day.  Students will be expected to draw and label a complete food chain (beginning with the sun's energy and ending with a decomposer that starts the cycle over again).  The list below will go home (along with Science binders) tomorrow.

Food Chains and Adaptations:  Words to Know
consumer - a living thing that eats other living things (does not make own food)
producer - a living thing that makes its own food
decomposer - a living thing that helps break down dead plants and animals
herbivore - an animal that eats only plants
carnivore - an animal that eats only meat
omnivore - an animal that eats both plants and meat
predator - an animal that hunts other animals for food
prey - an animal that is hunted by other animals for food
aquatic - water
terrestrial - land
adaptation - a special characteristic (physical or behavioral) that helps an animal survive
camouflage - blending in with the surroundings in order to survive
hibernation - sleeping during the winter
mimicry - looking, sounding or tasting like another animal in order to survive
migration - traveling to another place in order to survive (for better weather, food, water, etc.)
instinct - something that is known from birth (e.g., a spider knows how to spin a web, sea turtles know where to crawl to get to the ocean, etc.)
learned behavior - something that must be taught/learned after birth (e.g., a mother wolf teaching her pups how to hunt, a school teacher showing students how to multiply numbers, etc.)

Have fun!

- Mr. B

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