Monday, October 24, 2011

Homework + Assembly!

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be invited to watch a Virginia Opera Assembly at BES.  A trio of actors/singers/musicians performed The Wizard of Opera, a play incorporating many different styles of Opera into the plot of the Wizard of Oz.  As an audience, I thought we were extremely well-behaved and respectful of our talented guests!  It was a great show - ask your child all about it! 

Tonight's homework:

- Read 20 minutes with a good book!
- NO READING LOG THIS WEEK (enjoy the break!)
- Math Review Packet*
     *Parents, this week we will be taking a "cumulative" 1st Quarter Math Test.  This means that everything we've studied from the beginning of the year until now is fair game.  So far, we've had units on Graphing (bar graph, picture graph, line plot) and Place Value (reading & writing different number forms up to 999,999; comparing numbers up to 9,999; rounding/estimating numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000...up to 9,999).  The review packet is intended to be just that - a review of all that we have covered.

Good luck!

- Mr. B

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