Monday, September 19, 2011


Tonight's homework:

- Social Studies:  Maps & Globes Test Tomorrow* (9/20/11)
      *Look over Geography Study Guide, Complete "What Is a Map?"
- Read 20 minutes with a good book (Reading Log Due Friday)
- Math:  Place Value Packet (Due Friday)

Geography Vocabulary Words To Know

- continent (be able to locate all seven on a map)
- ocean (be able to locate the four major oceans on a map)
- hemisphere (half of a sphere/globe)
- equator (imaginary line running east/west that divides the Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres)
- prime meridian (imaginary line running north/south that divides the Earth into Eastern and Western hemispheres)
- regions (areas of land that have common characteristics)
- maps (used to find places)
- grids (lines that we use to identify the exact location of a place)
- coordinates (Examples:  "(B, 4); (D, 2); (A, 3)")
- cardinal directions (N, E, S, W; "Never Eat Shredded Wheat", "Never Eat Soggy Waffles", etc.)
- intermediate directions (NE, SE, NW, SW)
- compass rose (shows directions)
- legend/key (contains map symbols)
- symbols (used to show information on a map)

Good luck!  Have fun!

- Mr. B

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