Monday, September 26, 2011

Digital Resources

Dear class,

Here are some educational (and fun) websites that may be useful to you!  Parents, just as I do here at school, you may wish to preview the sources before allowing your children to use them.  For example, some BrainPOP videos or Tumblebooks may be more suitable for older students.  The purpose of this list is to give you some resources to use at home.  Enjoy!

My Portaportal  (

A collection of links organized by subject.  Please let me know if you have a favorite educational site that is not listed!  I'd be happy to add it so all can enjoy.

Spelling City  (

I will be posting word study sorts here.  Spelling City has lots of fun games that are useful for building spelling and vocabulary skills.  Check it out!

Tumblebooks  (*
     *Click on the blue banner at the top right side of your screen (this will log you in)

A collection of children's books (read aloud) that we sometimes watch during snack.  

BrainPOP  (**
     **user name:  brownsville08     password:  acps     (this subscription works during the daytime hours only...there may be times when you are not able to log on)

A large variety of short videos and associated resources - organized by subject!  Great for science and social studies topics.

- Mr. B

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