Monday, October 15, 2012

Picture Day, Conferences, etc.


This is just a reminder that we will have yearbook pictures taken tomorrow (Tuesday, October 16th) at 1:00 p.m.  Order forms went home to all students last week.  There are extra order forms in the main office if needed.

Also, today I sent home a note about upcoming parent-teacher conferences.  Please check your child's agenda binder for more information!  In short, I will be meeting with any interested parents next week.  Monday, Tuesday and Friday are the days I have set aside, however, I will be happy to work with you if your schedule does not work with those days.  If you have any specific questions/concerns, please email me.

This week we are beginning our book group "rotations" in Language Arts.  Students will have two tasks assigned to them each morning (after our independent reading time).  During these rotations, I will be meeting with groups of students to discuss and guide their reading.  At the end of two rotations, all students will have 15 minutes to choose the activity of their choice (from the options listed).  Examples of Language Arts activities are:  completing a character map, making riddles with word study words, reading with a partner, working on writing, listening/reading/quizzing on, summarizing a book, etc.

Today we finished most of our presentations for our terrestrial (land) environment projects!  We saw lots of great posters, skits and comic strips that showed knowledge of environments like deserts, rainforests, temperate forests and grasslands.  Thanks to the students for all of their hard work this past week!  Students also shared their outstanding "Make-A-Camouflage" bugs last week.  This week we will be focusing on food chains and animal adaptations.  We will learn words like producers (living things that make their own food), consumers (living things that must find and eat their food), and decomposers (living things that break down dead or decaying plants/animals).  We will also learn about carnivores (animals that eat primarily meat), herbivores (animals that eat primarily plants) and omnivores (animals that eat both meat and plants).

Some animals eat only plants!  These animals are called herbivores.  Are you an herbivore?

In math we are still working on rounding, comparing and identifying different numbers and values within those numbers.  This Friday (October 19th) we will have our Place Value Test!  A review packet went home to help students prepare for next week's 1st Quarter Math Test, which is a cumulative review of all the math we have studied so far this school year (mostly graphing & place value).

Leaf T-Shirts will be going home in Ziploc bags tomorrow!  Thanks for your help and patience with that project.  Also, (as always) thank you for making sure your child is rested, fed and gets to school on time! 


Mr. Balnave

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