Thursday, January 5, 2012


Tonight's homework:

- Read for 20 minutes (or more) with a good book!
- Reading log (due tomorrow)
- Math:  Clock packet (due tomorrow)

- Mid Year Review (study guides):  Create a game or activity (flash cards, jeopardy game, etc.) using the Social Studies and Science review packets.  Due NEXT Friday.  Parents, please just spend 10 minutes a night looking over the information with your child.  We will be practicing different review games at school leading up to the midyear tests so students should have a few different ideas about what to do at home.  Please don't stress about this - the purpose is to have some fun while recalling things we have studied up to this point.  Please email or call with any questions.

Next week's testing schedule:
- Social Studies (Wednesday, January11th)
- Science (Thursday, January 12th)

Have fun!

- Mr. B

1 comment:

  1. Happy new year!
    Joseph wanted to know if you had their spelling words ready ...he keeps talking about the spelling bee next week
    Thanks- Kris