Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20-30 minutes with a good book
- Word Study:  Menu Item
- Math:  Finish Fractions/Decimals Packet

Fractions/Decimals Test is tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/30)!!

Identify fractions/decimals
Compare (>, <, =) fractions/decimals (with a model)
Add & Subtract fractions/decimals
Mixed numbers (whole numbers with fractions) will be covered

Fractions tested through twelfths (halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, etc.)
Decimals tested through hundredths (tenths and hundredths)

For practice, we have been using a free 30 day trial to www.ixl.com (math practice website).
This site can be used at home as well (as long as the trial is in effect).

Log-in info: 

Username: firstnamelastinitial349 (eg:  jeffb349)  
Password:  firstnamelastinitial (eg:  jeffb)

- Mr. B

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