Monday, January 24, 2011


Tonight's Homework:

- Read 20-30 minutes
- Math:  "Wheels, Apples & Days" worksheet
     *students are asked to solve basic multiplication problems using their own preferred strategy (skip counting, drawing a picture, repeated addition, knowing the fact, etc.)
- Social Studies:  Read and Color any three (3) pages from the new Rome packet

NO WORD STUDY HOMEWORK TONIGHT:  Sorts will go home tomorrow

Parents, please make sure to check your child's Monday Folder for important information regarding our class and the Brownsville community.

Current Focus (by subject):

- Language Arts:  We are working on distinguishing between "fat" and "skinny" questions (skinny questions are yes/no or easily answerable) related to new book group books.  We are also enjoying our study of Folk Literature which encompasses Fairy Tales, Fables, Pourquoi Tales, Trickster Tales, Myths and Legends. 

- Writing:  We are working on developing fictional stories - students recently came up with "What if..." stories that tapped into their impressive imaginations.

- Social Studies:  Continuing Ancient Greece and Rome.  Toga Day on February 2nd.

- Math:  Just starting multiplication - We have been working on finding equal "groups of" things to help introduce the concept.  Most of our focus has been on using pictures, skip counting and repeated addition to solve problems.

Thanks for reading!

- Mr. B

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