Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tonight's homework:

- Read 20-30 minutes
- Word Study:  PRACTICE QUIZ (please write this down in your journal)
- Social Studies:  Economics Test next Tuesday!  (12/14/10)

I've noticed that students who regularly do the practice quiz at home perform much better when it comes time for the quiz.  Please take the time to practice spelling these words at home prior to the quiz on Friday.

There is no math homework tonight.  We have been practicing making change with money.  Students have been working with menus and plastic dinosaurs to help them make change in the classroom.  Parents, feel free to challenge your 3rd graders by asking them to make change for a dollar or even more (we have gone up to $25.00 in class)!


Jimmy bought ice cream for $1.89.  He paid with a $5 bill.  How much change did Jimmy get back?

Franchesca bought gifts for her family.  She bought her mom a flower for $2.99, her dad a hat for $4.50 and her younger brother a toy car for $1.75.  She paid with a $10 bill.  How much was her total and how much change did she get back?

Best of luck!

- Mr. B

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